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Worried about pricing? When you book with Hauling Boss you can be certain that you are in good hands. We are 100% upfront with how we price so you don’t get any unexpected fees!

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1/2 Load

Full Load

Untitled design (14).png

Height 4ft

Length 16ft

Width 7ft

General Junk Removal

Minimum Pickup


1/4 Trailer Load 

1/2 Trailer Load 



3/4 Trailer Load 


Full Trailer Load 


Single Items

  • Hot tub removal  $300-350

  • 1 door Fridge $125

  • Gas Grill $200

  • Upright Piano $250

How our pricing works

Hauling Boss bases our prices on the amount of space your junk takes up in our truck. We will give you estimate over the phone. We’re able to give you a firm quote once we see your junk and can make this prediction. Our estimates include all labor Gas, and taxes. Additionally, we never have any other costs or fees.

Just give us a call to go over everything.

Modern Neighborhood

Junk Removal is quick and easy

Just Call or Text  (713)-423-5779 OR Email for an instant quote / booking today!

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